State of the art rolling technology

Whether you need a precision curve applied to light gauge sheet metal through to thick plate, WH Williams delivers. Our decades of experience is matched with the most advanced technologies available in Australia to produce a complete one-stop rolling solution.

What we offer

  • Plate and flange rolling
  • All common and custom shapes including conical sections, cylinders, strakes, elliptical sections, multiple radii, spirals, flattening and rolling to templates.
  • 3mm 300mm diameter x 3000mm long
  • 6mm 400mm diameter x 3000mm long
  • 12mm 500mm diameter x 3000mm long
  • 20mm 500mm diameter x 3000mm long
  • For our capabilities with thicker plate specifications, contact us

Why choose WH Williams

  • Our team has a wealth of mechanical and machinery knowledge to share, and we’re happy to offer advice as needed
  • All our machines are integrated with our CAD system to ensure precise, repeatable results
  • 72 years of rolling experience mean that we can quickly anticipate any potential red flags for your project and suggest alternatives
  • We have all common plate thicknesses in stock, especially to accommodate short lead times
  • Need help with logistics to deliver your final job to its installation site? We can provide recommendations from our regular roster of contractors.

Did You Know?

Did you know that over 60% of our rolling jobs also require a bending stage?

To find out more about our complete one-stop rolling solution. Call us on 1300 335 225.