Intricate and accurate bending results

Today’s engineers and architects are pushing the envelope of computer-aided design. Previously a project might call for 1,000 identical units; now, it may well demand 1,000 individually shaped pieces to achieve a contemporary design vision. WH Williams is at the forefront of integrating tech and machines to handle these kinds of demanding projects. Even for less technically challenging jobs, our custom designed software raises the bar of efficiency. Our bending team can run you through an animated simulation of the bending process to forecast.

  • the optimal bending sequence
  • the best tool combinations
  • any potential collisions.

What we offer

  • 3 x German-engineered Trumpf brake machines
  • Lengths of up to 4000mm
  • Bending force of up to 320 tonnes

Why choose WH Williams

  • Our sophisticated capabilities in complex bending are aided by specialised equipment such as 6-axis backguages and segmented offset tools
  • Specialities include deep, narrow and intricate items such as transitions
  • Our use of advanced tools and protective coatings ensure that all materials stay in pristine condition throughout the bending process
  • Our CAD studio offers digital visualisations of your completed job before manufacture
  • Our quality-control processes ensure an exacting standard of accuracy and finish

Did You Know?

Did you know that our capabilities with assembly after the bending process make us the preferred supplier for all ‘s electrical board cabinets?

To see an animated simulation of the bending process for your job. Call us on 1300 335 225.