The starting point for every successful job

Before our machinery rolls to produce any project, you can be sure your design has passed a series of rigorous checkpoints. Adequate material tolerances, minimising waste through careful step-and-repeat planning, double-checking version numbers, quantities and delivery deadlines: all of these are confirmed as part of our standard preflight routines. But the success of your project starts well before.

  • The first step is discussing your needs with our team
  • We will give you advice on how to optimise your design and potential short-cuts to save your budget
  • If it’s a major project, you’ll be able to detail the milestones and deliverables
  • If you only have a hard copy drawing, we’ll transform it into CAD file from scratch

What we offer

  • Experienced team of CAD engineers
  • State-of-the-art software 
  • Flexible design approach
  • Prototyping and short-run specialists
  • Iterative design process capably tracks the changes to your design as required

Why Choose WH Williams

  • Our team is available to support you around the clock
  • Centralised server means all your files come from a single source, eliminating duplication
  • Off-site back-up and regular archiving guarantees your valuable digital assets are protected
  • Access the latest industry best-practice from our constantly-updated design database
  • Informal exploratory chats welcome: they’re the first step to solving your design challenge

Did you know that Coca-Cola asked us how to design the 800 specialised fittings inside their iconic Kings Cross billboard – and then commissioned us to lasercut, bend and deliver them? Find out how we can optimise your design. Call us on 1300 335 225.